Monday, October 12, 2009

Kara May Photography

Peasant Top in Leaf Dots $39 Ruffle Capri in Teal Roses $28
Apple Cap in Teal by Nuxiemade Beanies

More of the Kait Emerson Designs Fall 09 line was just launched. I'm behind on a new post but thought I'd chime in with pics of latest Kait Emerson Designs pieces available. Most of you who are long time Kait Emerson followers know how breath-taking Kara May's images are. I was honored when she agreed to shoot some pieces from the Fall 09 Line. For those of you new; you must take a look at more of Kara May's Photography . I promise.. you will be in just awhh. Kara is a Bi-Coastal Commercial Photographer now based in Arizona. Feel free to take a peak at her Blog. She will never disappoint. Each and every time I go to her Blog I get so Inspired. I want to Thank Kara and darling Briella for providing KED with yet another great session.

Peasant Top In Garland $35 Twirl Skirt in Grey $35
Beanies by NuxieMade Beanies

Kait Emerson also collaborated with Melissa Donnelly. Creator, Owner and Woman behind all those gorgeous NuxieMade Hats you often see styled with Kait Emerson pieces. I sent Melissa swatches of my latest designs and was so excited when I got these images from Kara. I had no idea what she would come up with... Wow! Love Them is all i could say. These hat's of her's are always sure to complete a KED outfit. Kait Herself loves them.. We both can't wait to order these new ones. You can order them too; in her Shop on Etsy.

Knot Apron Dress in Garden Party $62 Ruffled Capri $28
Beanie by NuxieMADE Beanies

And what about beautiful Briella.. She's is such a pro.. The camera loves her. I look at the newest images of her and cannot believe how much she has grown since she began Modeling KED..

This is one of her 1st shoots wearing KED..

This won't be the last on seeing the 3 of us collaborate. I hope you all adore the New pieces as much as I do.

Be sure to mark your calenders and come out and visit us at one of our upcoming Holiday Events.

Thanks again to all the Awesome KED fans!


  1. I need to get all these beanies now, to match!!! :)