Thursday, August 27, 2009

American girl

Today the Kids & I headed north to the Grove in LA. We wanted to take the Kids to American Girl before they head back to Pre-school next week. I think I was in Awh just as must as Kait was.What a Unbelievable store. I mean WOW!. They had it all from hair Salon to cafe to Made to match clothing for the girls and Dolls. Shawn however was not so thrilled. He was more intrigued with the Trolley on the Street. If you get a chance and have a little girl you gotta take her there. I can't wait to have a outing with Kait and her friends when she's a alittle older. Boy was Kait in Heaven

So as photos start to roll in from the Photographers I will start posting pics of the new KED Fall Line.. Hope you love it as much as I do. Tonight I will Share these from the Talented Theresa at Lollipops and Slingshots photography.


  1. The American Girl store IS amazing. I haven't been to the one at the Grove and we moved out of Southern California 2 years ago but...
    We went to the American Girl store in Atlanta and it is huge. Such a treat.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for such cute clothing. I can't wait to get the second dress I ordered! :)


  2. I can't wait to see the fall line! I'm already planning to buy something for my nieces!